Welcome to Herbology! This course was designed for those just entering their journey with herbs. Evidently you as well have an interest or you wouldn't be here now. So read on and see if this course is what you are looking for.

I felt it was important to include history, lore, therapeutic and magical properties of each herb covered. The lore behind them is just as important as I feel it helps to understand the connection between man, plant and spirit. For me personally, this by itself was a journey of rediscovery. I found myself getting lost within the lore and had a hard time picking which ones to go with. Within these next few lectures you will find Greek, Roman, Celtic and some indigenous stories to go along with each herb, root, bark or resin. I have also included historical information that connects each plant to a point in our history where it was used.

There is a direct correlation to the categories and magical usage that you will also learn as you progress through this course. And it is my intention that you will use this information going forward in your own magical or spiritual journey and practice. There are reasons our ancestors used specific plants for therapeutic, ritual or personal reasons. It is important to recognize these connections especially with therapeutic usage. For while our ancestors viewed many things as supernatural, they had a vast knowledge of herbs and how they worked. From those early civilizations to Hippocrates, to Culpepper to Greives, they all worked diligently to categorize, record and experiment with plants.

So continue the journey, be a part of the natural approach to healthy living, and get a boost for your magical or spiritual journey as well. Below you will find a complete course outline and what to expect with this course.

Course Curriculum

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Learn about the categories of plants, their usage, history and lore.

This course will teach you how to make your own therapeutic and magical tinctures, oils, distilled floral waters and infusions.

Grow your knowledge and include it within your daily life to enhance not only your physical life, but your spiritual journey as well.